Black Dnaish Warmblood Stallion

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Black Dnaish Warmblood Stallion Empty Black Dnaish Warmblood Stallion

Post  Thunderjam on Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:52 am

Black Dnaish Warmblood Stallion Hofnar2_32

Showname: Thunderjam
Barn name: TJ
Breed: Danish Warmblood
Age: 8 Years
Gender: Stallion
Height: 16 hands
Weight: 1234lbs
Training: English Pleasure, (Dressage & Jumper Prospect)
Temperament: TJ can be a little high strung with him ground manners, but act very serious when udner saddle. He's willing to learn and for a stallion, is rather docile. TJ has never been bred, therefore he'd be able to be gelded and go on without stallion-like behaviors. TJ is child-safe, although he doesn't like when pulled on the mouth too much, so be sure the child knows not to pull on him mouth and he should be fine.
Sale Price: Around $5000.


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