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Post  Bridge on Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:54 am

1.You may not randomly hurt yourself repetitively for no reason. For example, a horse in a stall, randomly falls over and breaks a leg. The vets may respond to this, depending on what was happening. But, if you go ahead and break another leg simply trying to get, I don't care. I'll take this as a cry for attention.(This has happened, honest..)
2.Unless said otherwise; no asking the staff for a job.
3.No means NO. Do not pester staff.
5.Respect all staff all the time.
6.1-4 horses per pasture, limit may vary; one in everything else. Ask a staff member if you are unsure of the limit in a certain pasture.
7. Have fun and enjoy yourself!
8. All horses must stay in a closed area.
9. REALISTIC colours (In fact, all digos may be unnaturally coloured. This includes ferians.)
10. All OOC chat is to be kept [in brackets] past the main gate.
11. If you want to come in as a wolf, maybe even a zebra, go right ahead. Currently, I won't make any avatars that caters precisely to your needs, such as stripes. I don't mind if you come in as a rabbit or a tree. Be free, fellow Role players! (Note, this is a domestic dream. I will allow 'lost wild animals' so long as you don't disturb others with you wild-ocity.)

More to come.

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