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Post  Leathe on Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:43 pm

March 7th '08- First of all, sorry for not being active enough. Secondly, I've restarted my List. Two horses have not been seen for over a month. They've lost their spot and their owners will have to request again.



Why Get Shoes:
Trail horses or any horse that works should get shoes to protect their feet. Some horses need shoes.

  • Abnormal stress: Horses' hooves can become quite worn out when subjected to the added weight/stress of a human, pack loads, cart or wagon.
  • Corrective shoeing: The shape, weight, and thickness of a horseshoe can significantly affect the horse's gait. Farriers trained in hot shoeing can make custom shoes to help horses with bone or musculature problems in their legs.
  • Traction: Traction devices such as borium for ice, horse shoe studs for muddy or slick conditions, calks, and rims are useful for performance horses such as eventers, show jumpers, polo ponies, and other horses that perform at high speeds, over changing terrain, or in less-than-ideal footing.
  • Gait Manipulation: Some breeds such as the Saddlebred, Tennessee Walking Horse, and other gaited horses are judged on their high-stepping movement. Special shoeing can help enhance their natural movement.

How I Roll:
- The horse's owner is to talk to me. Then I will see what I can do.
- I won't take random things happening unless someone tells me beforehand. 'You should know.' Isn't an excuse because all the pixels look the same. I can't tell a broken hoof from a healthy one unless you tell me.
- The owner is responsable for taking precautions for spooky horses. I bought those cross ties and they seem to be breaking...

The List:
Name of Horse Name of Owner Date (Subject to Change) Job
Dehydrated Leathe ASAP Shoes (4, S)
None None None None
None None None None
None None None None
None None None None
Keep an eye on this chart, it changes with my jobs. That means I'm putting an effort into updating it. XD
(*ASAP Is usually only for Dehy)

The Key:
A = Aluminum (The lightest, least expensive, racing/dressage, training to the feel of horseshoes, default for first-time shoes.)
I = Iron (Heavier shoes, recommended for drafts, expensive)
S = Steel (Common shoe material, long-wearing, polo/eventing/show jumping/western)

- Hoof Trim
- Shoes

Special Shoes:

  • Bar Shoes: A complete O shaped shoe to support the heel.
  • Calkins: A ridge on the toe of the hoof for traction. Usually found on racehorse shoes.

    The Form:

    [u]Owner's Name:[/u] Name of the owner of the horse
    [u]Horse's Name:[/u] Name of the horse
    [u]Service:[/u] Shoes, Trimming... Add the extra details. The more detail,s the better.
    [u]Date:[/u] Give me one that's good for you and we'll talk over whispers.
    Whisper it to Leathe or post it here.

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