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"So last night, you had dinner? Let's celebrate!"
"I got myself a horse? Let's celebrate!"
"You overcame your cold? Let's celebrate!"
"The sky, in fact, is not falling? Let's Celebrate!"

Yes, the theme of this month's raffle is "Celebration". This is actually my first time hosting anything of this sort, so I hope everything runs smoothly. Yes, this raffle is also being *mainly* hosted here at O'hara Stables. <Click to enter> I'd like to give a big thank you in advance to all that plan to participate! Leftover proceeds will go to Cloudy's hidden 'Dream Package' fund. Before you go around buying tickets, (I don't know where you would be 'going around' to!) please read these notes:

  • Please use this format when buying a ticket:
    give-scales Reinage 1 GD One ticket please! Signed, <your name>
    This should give me your name twice, but we don't want your beloved scales to get lost in a pool of no-name homework assignments. If you do not include your name, and should you 'accidentally' use a different format in which will not give me your name, you will not be able to claim lost Dragonscales. Please be careful!

  • One dollar means one ticket. Two dollars mean two tickets. If you would like to purchase more than one ticket at a time, use this format:
    give-scales Reinage 2 GD Two tickets please! Signed, <your name>
    Same rules apply. If you give me one GD, but ask for two tickets, you will be notified. Same way vice versa. If you give me two when you only wanted one, I will give you one back, so long as I know your name. (But I couldn't notify you if i didn't know your name, could I?)
    If you want three tickets, use this format:
    give-scales Reinage 3 GD Three tickets please! Signed, <your name>
    Etc. Etc. Etc. I do not expect to get any more than one ticket at a time at this point, and y'all arn't that stupid. You know how to change a couple of words, for sure.

  • I am not asking for your real name! Simply give me your Furcadian character name that the ticket will be under.
  • You may buy a ticket for another character, as long as it says in your message:
    give-scales Reinage 1 GD One ticket for <player> please! Signed, <your name>
    You can also whisper me "The ticket I bought is for <player> and will not be under my name" Of course, I will keep both names in case of conflict.

  • I do plan to make a public list of everybody who has bought a ticket and how many. If you would like this to be private, please whisper me or include it in your message
If you have any questions please whisper me, or post right here. I'll be glad to hear your input. Also, for every different poster here, I will donate two cents to Cloudy (because every penny counts!). Let's see if you can get over ten cents Razz Please do not post muiltiple times with different names.
Hehe, I said y'all!
I have recently started uploading O'hara myself, since Cloudy isn't on as often. If the given O'hara link does not work, try this one: <click to enter> To answer any questions, yes, I do know her in real life. We are very close friends and I doubt she is willing to let anyone else upload the dream.


Our grand prize happens to be a One Year Foxen, plus a Portrait Space to last much longer.

I do not want to splurge too much, and end up carrying this raffle too much longer than my deadline, So the second prize is:
One Portrait Because everyone wants a portrait!

And as a third place prize:
To be announced when more information is known.

Important Notice: It appears that tha digo market does not like people using dragonscales for another character. De foxen will lose two months before it is givable. Any other added prizes will be added to this notice so you will know how long the waiting time is. Any ports will have a waiting time of one week.

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