my once a week warrior rant

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my once a week warrior rant Empty my once a week warrior rant

Post  darkest on Wed May 27, 2009 9:24 am

Warrior cat rant from darkest!

I had some emails come in, and I decided to rant about warrior couples. RANDOM warrior couples.

AshfurxWhitewing: m, look on the cover of I THINK Twilight in the warriors series. In one corner there is a gray cat and a white cat. These are UKNOWN cats, and not ash and white.

SpiderxHoney: ??? all I can say is, "What. The. Heck."

BerrynosexHoneyfern: Berrynose couldn't love a she-cat, another TOM for that matter, more than he loves himself

ThistleclawxBluestar: It'd never work. Thistle is evil, Blue gave up her kits to be dep instead of him, the more you hate the more you love? No, the more you hate, the closer it gets to what really went down.

Now, couples I hate/love

crowxleaf: Crow ABANDON her for a controling Nightcloud, so forget me liking him. Leafy is so innocent, I really wish she had fallen for ashy instead, even though she's a med cat.

Firexsand: I LOVE Firestar and Sandstorm, so the couple is awsome to me!

GrayxSilver *cheers*

Crowfeatherxfeathertail: ack!

Now, other things to address

It is to my attention that Boneclan got killed. All but Bramblestar, the leader. Now, he's rebuilding his clan with new members. Whisper or reply to get Bramble to reveiw you for his recovering clan.

also, they have a new book coming out. "bluestar's omen" so be sure to checky out

Got something you want me to rant about? email at because I ditched my other e-mail. Boyfriend and his friends know it. xD


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