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Post  Reinaged on Wed May 27, 2009 3:19 am

At O'hara we want your voice to be heard. [I do anyways, And cloudy said I could do this for a while ;)] O'hara is still climbing up to the 'done' stage, as Cloudy works on her little basics. I have recently bribed her into giving me a copy of the dream. [And then I get like ten copies as she edits, so I've told her to only send it to me when I tell her to.] Therefor, I own O'hara >=D I will upload it if she isn't on and I am, AND if I feel like it. I don't want anybody going "Bleeeh! Upload the dreaaaaam!" or anything like that. Well, actually, I would listen to somebody who did that, but only the first time per day. If you people can't keep it up yourselves, then wait for Cloudy.. Or something. Anywho, I need something to do on boring days in the dream, So I'm making a random Radio station that you will NEVER know when it is on.. Unless you ask me to whisper you when it is on x3 Cloudy promised me that she would make DS so only people who turn on their portable radio's will hear my random Radio emits, But I told her I would make it and that she should wait til we get a little more busy anyways. Uh-huh. I will not be 'playing music' until I decide to find random songs and add them secretly to her little patches folder x3 Or I'll type out the words, but thats not quite the same, and some songs swear, and blahblah. I will, in fact, take the time of getting the songs with words 'If I want to'.
What I will do:

  • List songs that pop on my Music Player, iPod or T.V. Galaxie channel thing in this format:
    Singer/artist - Song Name ~ Contributed by whoever if anybody whispered it to me
    Yeah thats right! I'm going to be taking whispers;
  • Whisper donations :) I would LOVE to have you people whisper me your favourite songs, or just a song you know, and I will announce it to the whole group of people that are listening! YAAAY!
  • Blab about what I'm going to do, for example, last night I did something like this, but longer and much more exciting:
    "[emitstarthing] Hi My stuff will now be bolded because we are much more important than whatever Cloudy has to say, who doesn't bold stuff ~ Me"
    And Isn't that so awesome? Yeah, it was funnier though.
  • Emit stuff about Horses that are for sale or studs and that stuff. Might even emit something like this:
    God Applied for a position as a vet. Cloudy found his magical powers would be useful with deathly ill animals, and accepted his application.
    But I would NEVER Emit about somebody who was rejected, thank you very much.
  • Hold random Raffles for inexpensive items, such as a port. I see plenty of horses flaunting their ports around, meaning there's some money out there. Tickets would probably be around 1 golden Dragonscale each, I'm guessing. Probably go for Port spaces, desctags, any sort of $5 avatar. These would be advertised throughout Furcadia, on these forums and on the main Furcadian forums. People in the dream would get first ticket dibs, and then the forum watchers will get a chance, and then all of furcadia. That way it rolls out like this:
    1. "RANDOMRAFFLE! blahblahblah 1gd each blahblahblah Reinage blahblahblah"
    2. Oh I will buy a ticket!
    3. {couple days later} "RANDOMRAFFLE! blahblahblah 1gd each blahblahblah Reinage blahblahblah"
    4. Oh We all will get a ticket!
    5. {Even more later} "RANDOMRAFFLE! blahblahblah 1gd each blahblahblah Reinage blahblahblah"
    6. All us people will get a ticket!
    7. Reinage says: Oh I have enough money to get somebody "this" or get them "this" and donate these moneys to "this" person and donate "this" five bucks to Cloudy for her to get a dream package or something.
    That way Cloudy wins, somebody that couldn't afford a ticket wins, and the winner wins.
  • Get people to ask questions and I will answer them, or try, or have everyone in the dream answer.
Please comment on this forum :) I would love to hear your input. You can also post an idea so there is more to talk about, i mean, half of that was about a raffle ;D Thankies.
BTW: This is my way of contributing to the dream.

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